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Library xtunes maintains a library of all the digital music files it knows about. Music files get into the library by either ripping cds or importing existing files.
Music Playback xtunes supports the standard playback methods including loop and random to play any song in the library. The user can create unlimited playlists of any length to specify the playback of their music. xtunes can play any audio cd.
Rip xtunes can rip any audio cd into any supported digital music format. It uses cddb to look up information about the cd. A playlist is automatically created for the cd and all the songs are organized into the library.
Burn Creating an audio cd using xtunes is a piece of cake. Simply select a playlist and click the burn button and xtunes handles all the rest: decoding the songs in the playlist to wav files, spawning cdrecord to create the cd.
Plugins xtunes is built with an extensible plugin framework, similar to xmms or the gimp. Plugins are used for decoding, encoding, song information, and output. This allows xtunes to support ripping/playing/burning multiple digital music formats.

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